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Due Diligence

We appraise leadership and company culture against the organization's strategic objectives

Organisational Design

We define organizational structures and roles required to support the organizations strategic objectives

Organisational Culture

We help shape organizational culture so that it supports the companies overall key value drivers and employee well-being

Change and Transition Management

We manage both the change and the transitional processes to ensure the organization can evolve and achieve it’s desired outcomes



We observe, diagnose and advise leadership teams on effective team functioning aligned with business goals

Leader Effectiveness

We advise individual leaders on effective leadership practices that enable and sustain high performing teams to achieve their  goals


We help improve decision making effectiveness through awareness of conscious and hidden   biases that can impede effective decision making

Talent Management

We help clients develop talent programs and practices that identify and retain the right people to fill key roles


I had the opportunity to explore divestment and acquisition opportunities and saw how they worked with different stakeholders (including all levels of staff and government authorities) to develop win-win deals: focusing on what the company needs to achieve, with fair and constructive inputs on how the company can do better.

~CEO, Healthcare Services Company, Singapore~


They guided us to uncover new staff configurations that would address both structural and strategic issues without imposing any pre-determined program on us. The structure of our intensely-focused offsite and workshop grew organically out of their prep period interactions with staff members and our own thinking about what we needed, moving forward together as a company, as well as individuals through their meticulous planning and facilitation.

~ Managing Director, Strategic Business Research, and Policy, China~



I had no prior experience in presenting to Board/Exco members but was guided and given pointers on how to improve the presentation of information to them. I appreciate your generosity with sharing your knowledge and mentoring.

~ CFO/SVP, Nursing Homes Company, Singapore~



It was a fantastic job looking into the culture of our company. The personal touch really motivated us to get to the core of our company and how we can improve. Insights were spot on and the way they presented in a cohesive way, minus the fluff, together with clear actions and recommendations has helped us enormously. We were alerted to strengths that may possibly turn into stumbling blocks for us in the future.

~Co- Founders, Food & Beverage Consulting Company, China~



Honest, dependable, and incredibly hardworking, and an impressive problem-solver who is always able to address complex issues with both creative thinking and confidence. Without the intellectual input, negotiation, and commitment, the deal would not be possible. True team players, managing to foster positive discussions and bringing the best out of other employees.

~CEO, Retail & Consumer Distribution Company, Singapore~

Case Studies

Company and individual names have been removed to retain confidentiality. References available upon request.

Expanding Master Franchise China, Business Strategy, and Identifying Senior Leadership Team

Industry: Fitness, China

Challenges: Expanding to 350 locations in Shanghai and Hangzhou by 2023. Expected EBITDA USD30m

Our value-add and expertise:

  • Redesigned owners roles  and ownership structure

  • Concretized organizational design including, identification, interview, and selection of key senior management team members

  • Implemented performance management systems, KPIs, share incentives, bonus etc

  • Conducted decision support analysis


People Due Diligence

Industry: Fund Management, Singapore

Challenges: Acquisition of asset management teams into requiring people due diligence

Our value-add and expertise:

  • Conducted people due diligence for six acquisitions, ranging from medium-sized boutique asset management teams to large-scale multinational acquisition

  • Represented HR on post-acquisition integration team and oversaw all people integration matters


Transition Management

Industry: Consumer Services, Malaysia

Challenges: Transition and senior management changes at CEO, CFO, CPO and COO levels

Our value-add and expertise:

  • Undertook due diligence using change management theories, knowledge, and experience, especially when replacing C-suite level personnel.

  • Coached and mentored a young but able CEO in the transition process and stay with the company through the process instead of a simple buy-out procedure.

  • Constructed Transition Committee which CEO Chaired to help “govern” the Change Management Process.


Building and Transmitting Organizational Culture and Stress Management in Entrepreneurial Environment

Industry: Tech and online marketing, China

Challenges: Team expanded quickly from 3 to 50 people, including both Chinese and foreigners, and not fully integrated

Our value-add and expertise:

  • Conducted organizational assessment using a psychodynamic approach, e.g. Interviews with free association games to elicit unconscious, emotional factors

  • Facilitated founders to think about their company culture

  • Transmitted company culture through personalizing desks and office space design

  • Helped employees learn stress management techniques to prevent burnout in a highly pressured industry


HR Transformation

Industry: Finance, Singapore

Challenges: Need for refreshing the talent management framework post-Financial Crisis

Our value-add and expertise:

  • Led talent management framework initiative to define organizational-wide talent management philosophy and guiding principles

  • Redefined the company’s core competencies; implemented an enterprise wide competency library; and enhanced the performance management and learning program

  • Deployed a global learning management & performance management system, delivering the project on time and under budget.


Playfulness for Stress Management

Industry: Hospitality, China

Challenges: Potential burnout of senior executives within a business line

Our value-add and expertise:

  • Introduced concepts of inner playfulness (definitions, research, psychology, and benefits) to de-stress

  • Explored a variety of play techniques that can be used on a daily basis in the office

  • Stimulated creativity through play

  • Executives took the techniques and used in their subsequent company-wide Townhall meeting, with great feedback from colleagues.

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